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Punch! Architectural Series 17.5

Punch! Architectural Series 17.5

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Product Information

The Most Powerful Design Tools

Home and Landscape Design Architectural Series is the flagship product combining powerful design tools and how-to tips to complete your projects. Tackle any remodeling, refreshing, or new construction design for both indoors and out.

Create architectural level designs. Add realism to your projects and visualize every detail.

Architectural Series' exclusive LightWorks™ technology lets you visualize your work immediately with the most photo-realistic rendering.

  • Instant room additions
  • QuickPalette
  • Room view
  • Estimate by rooms
  • Integrated 'How-To' tips
  • Smart leader call-out tool
  • Integrates with mobile Landscape Quote
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Interiors Interior Design Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Bath
Landscaping Landscape Design Pools & Decks Pool & Deck Design
What's new?
What's new?
Enhanced Floor Management

Now with Architectural Series v17.5 you can create up to 20 floors. Create independent structures such as outbuildings and detached garages. When you change the elevation on one level, other connected levels will also change.

Quickly Create Custom Columns

Columns will automatically match ceiling height when added to a room. Customize the cap, shaft, and base styles independently or as a unit. Add to cabinets, kitchen islands, and building exteriors for a high end look.

Drag and Drop 3D Objects

Now you can drag and drop 3D objects while using the 3D viewpoint. Objects will automatically position themselves on the top of surfaces like countertops and tabletops. Objects placed on walls, will automatically rotate to match the surface’s angle.

New Welcome Screen

Easily create new projects, access recent projects, sample plans, and training materials. Get started quickly with QuickStart and in 60 seconds learn how to create a complete floor plan.

Endless Electrical Switches and Outlets

Choose from an extensive library of electrical switches and outlets, fully customizable using paint or other materials. Wall, floor, or ceiling mounted supply registers and return vents also now available.

Improved Drawing Tools

Edit your custom shapes with ease by selecting and editing only the points you want. Add additional posts to a fence line or modify the curve of a patio with precision.

Tailor Dimensions

Experience more control over automatic dimensioning, the placement of text, and font styles. New option to place dimensions above the line and now set which objects will display dimensions. Smarter dimension behavior improves readability of 2D design.

Multiple Monitor Support

Utilize multiple computer monitors to view designs in 2D and 3D simultaneously.

QuickStart Is Even Better

Set exact dimensions in inches AND centimeters. New snap feature ensures that rooms line up quickly by snapping them together.

And Much More!

Easily print your floor plans using the Punch! Plotter Printing Service, access over 300 new 3D furnishings, save time with improved shortcut commands, and so much more!

LightWorks Photo-realistic Rendering

Architectural Series includes photo-realistic rendering to add stunning realism to your designs. Spectacular lighting and shadow effects, combined with reflections, will make your 3D renderings come to life.

Use special effects options to create art from your designs!

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Home Planning
Elevation Editor

Dynamically edit within elevation views. Elevations can be viewed as line drawings, shaded line drawings, full color, and more.

Edit Smart Object positioning and easily place or stack windows in 3D.

Top down viewpoint allows you to view walls, furniture or plant placement for a unique perspective of your design.


Professional Home Plan Layers
Electrical Plan, Foundation Plan, Plumbing Plan, Heating/Ventilating/Cooling

Estimator produces a handy report in an editable, printable spreadsheet format, tabulating and updating as you draw!

ProjecTape™ Precision Measuring
Instantly measure distances anywhere from within your drawing. Ideal for quick reference or planning furniture placement.

Doors, Walls, Windows, and Fixtures
Custom sizing to fit your plan, create custom grills, includes cased door openings.

Home Planning Gallery - click to view a larger image
Interior Design
Storage Designer

Transform cluttered space into the ideal storage space.

Our library also includes storage systems for closets and garages.


Design Defaults
Choose default materials and colors for doors, windows, and more, before you start designing. A real time-saver!

Decorator Palette
Try different paint and trim color combinations. Save favorite palettes, then click to automatically change and view combinations.

Fireplace Designer
Automatically creates your fireplace to spec.

Mantel Designer
Quick and easy! Choose custom styles and trim to create a unique and fully detailed mantel design.

Ceiling Designer
Auto-generate custom tray and recessed ceilings to your specs. You can even add customizable trim to your design.

Interior Design Gallery - click to view a larger image
Kitchen & Bath
Kitchen & Bath Design

Turn your drab bathroom and dull kitchen into a sparkling new space with helpful decorating ideas. You can shop from a vast catalog of interior design elements to determine the best choices for your kitchen and bathroom.

Customize your cabinets with shelving, pantries, drawers, and appliances. Also perfect for media centers and garage organization.

Kitchen & Bath Design Gallery - click to view a larger image
Landscape Design

Growth Tool
See how your plantings will look years from now! Add even more detail...Use the grow tool with global sun positioning to view how shade affects your landscaping as it grows

Site Planner
Lay out your lot from a plot plan or legal description. Automatically draws your property line, as you enter the coordinates, then exports your lot into your landscape design.

Plant Finder
PlantFinder™ searches plants for your area, using parameters YOU specify, ensuring growing success.


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Landscape Design Gallery - click to view a larger image
Pools & Decks
Design Custom Pools

Pool Designer™ can auto-generate a pool to your specs or you can create your own design from scratch. Pool shape library includes over 30 styles. Choose in or above ground, vinyl lined or composition, multiple depths, shapes, spa combo & more.

Pool Accessories

Use the included accessories library to help plan for pumps & filters, slides, ladders, railings, and pool games...adds even more realism to your design.


Deck Templates
Get started FAST! Editable designs you can use as-is or customize!

Intelli Deck
Intuitively follows the shape of your house, as you draw. Create simple or complex shapes in seconds.

Pool and Deck Design Gallery - click to view a larger image


Windows® XP or higher¹, Intel® Pentium® III, Celeron® or compatible 1.0 GHz processor or higher (multi-core processors supported), 256 MB of RAM, 2.8 GB of Hard Disk Space, VGA Video Card displaying at least 1024x768 with 32-bit color, DVD-ROM drive, Mouse with wheel recommended, 64 MB Video Card Memory, Internet access and Internet Service Provider account required². ¹Administrator privileges are required to properly install the program on Windows® XP or higher. ²User is responsible for all Internet access fees and phone charges.